I’m from France, moved to Southern California in 2005 and now I've been living in London since mid-2014 with my beloved Aussie girlfriend. My objective is to forget who am I, and have a quiet life in the Silver Coast with a big dog, a Nokia Symbian phone, daily French food, and Bordeaux Wine.

I'm responsible for the design direction & execution of clients initiatives at Equant, a digital-centric agency. My objective is to ensure an optimal viewing experience across all devices and I'm excited empowering great entrepreneurs and small companies to flourish.

My core business is the creation of RWD based on Bootstrap. I also help SMB's with ISO 9001:2015 certified translations, technical copyrighting, strategic consulting for their accessibility, and Social Optimisation for existing websites.

I own a MBA in Marketing and started to code back in the early days of DIV-based design, XHTML, and innovative Chimera tabs. Then I've been using HTML5 and CSS3. I must admit my limitations when it comes to server-side programming or Javascript customisation, so I think my future role will be back in the marketing or business world.

Je parle français, I speak English, hablo un pocito de Español. I love travelling, labrador retrievers & bernese mountain dogs, hiking, skiing, hard tennis courts, chess, etymology, semantic, eclectic music, geography and lightweight systems.

I'm an amateur photographer fond of beautiful landscape and nature images. I've been maintaining a free guide about the French Riviera, the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. The site features expert advice, travel tips, 56 different destinations, more than 4K images, and a presence across 8 social networks. If you plan to visit this area, feel free to email me, I will be pleased to answer your questions.

You will find below a list of social accounts I'm using regularly, and links for compliance validations for this homepage. Thank you for your visit.

Last update: 26th of September 2016.