I'm an independant entrepreneur currently based in Provence, Tampa-Bay, Nice, Paris, San Diego, London.
My objective is quiet complex… I would love to:

I'm responsible for the design direction & execution of clients initiatives at Equant, a digital-centric agency. My objective is to ensure an optimal viewing experience across all devices and I'm excited empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish. I help Small and medium-sized Enterprises with ISO 9001:2015 certified translations, Intranets, Responsive Web Design, strategic consulting for their accessibility, Email campaigns and Social Optimisation. I create novel user interfaces at the cusp of hardware and software. In my projects, I tend to gravitate to web technologies because of the flexibility of the web platform. Paradoxically, I believe more in the maintenance of a subjective memory rather than externalise it objectively on a computer storage. In my sense, digital Exo-Darwinism goes faster than the creative destruction's cycle, impacts directly a dangerous automation, is far from being viable economically and technically, and provides an experience that won't ever be able to compete with the beauty we have on earth or moments we live in real life.

The name Equant comes from "Punctum æquans", a mathematical theory developed by Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD to account for planetary movements. This theory is nowadays completely outdated but the word still sounds good to me.

I was a Mac user until the release of beachball OS that made me switch to Linux. I'm tired of "sign-up to try" procedures, obtrusive lightbox, online advertisement, cookie disclaimers, yearly OS sacrifice, Amazon's threat, and I also think dragnet mass surveillance is ineffective at preventing terrorism. I don't see why innocent societies would suddenly have to choose between security and freedom, it's just a wrong pretext to kill privacy and reinforce manipulation and control, which I deeply deplore. I also wish the internet could be greener, renewably powered, avoid spam and malware hosting and only use standards-compliant interfaces.

On the other hand, I'm a big appreciator of UTF-8 encoding, stability, performance, high-availability, site architecture, on-site optimisation, elegant typeface (Gotham, Avenir, Myriad, Proxima Nova, Raleway, Open Sans just to name a few), lightweight systems, I18n activity, the initiative for preserving compatible bits and of course, the ability to express ourselves digitally. Through my past professional experiences, I have been impressed by the efficiency of Perl and the robustness of Unix scripting.

I'm interested in classical and modern languages, labrador retrievers, bernese mountain dogs, hiking, skiing, hard tennis courts, chess, etymology, eclectic music, geography and wish I could travel more. Some of my favourite places include Big Sur, Del Mar, Mendocino, Presidio, la Jolla, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid, Cap Ferret, Luberon, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Èze, Avoriaz, Zermatt, Wengen, Courchevel, Val d'Isère, New Zealand, Verona, Venezia, Roma, Perugia, Firenze, Melbourne and Corsica. I'm an amateur photographer fond of beautiful landscape and nature images. I've been maintaining a free guide about the French Riviera, the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. The site features expert advice, travel tips, 56 different destinations, more than 5K images, and a presence across 8 social networks. If you plan to visit this area, feel free to email me, I will be pleased to answer your questions.

You will find below a list of social accounts I'm using regularly, and links for compliance validations for this homepage. Thank you for your visit.

Last update: 26th of March 2017.